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Your conversations contain crucial information

In capital markets, every detail counts, and every second too. Yet, we are not machines and must be assisted by machines : Theseus refines data from your conversations to keep you focused, informed and relevant.

Get an analytical view of your conversation with counterparts

Theseus is privacy focused
Theseus excels in capital markets interpretation and data presentation.
Theseus offers transcription, their summary, sentiment analysis and questioning framework.
Theseus offers in person and digital meeting. (we will have GMeet, Teams, etc. capabilities)
Theseus is multilingual

How we turn conversations into insights


Capital markets

In preparation for a primary transaction, Theseus searches all the conversations to provide statistics to provide palatable data for the issuer

Trading floors

Sentiment analysis on each and every product is extracted on a near real time basis for the teams to have a deeper, predictive commercial insight

Investor relations

Clients receive instant summary, and / or sentiment analysis for each subject on the conversations with their counterparts. An unbiased time saver.

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